Sunday Morning Worship 10:45 AM | Bible Study & Youth Empowerment Wed. 7:30 PM

“Those Who Provide Music For Us” - (Cluster IV)

The Gospel Generation Choir

President: Mrs.  Beverly  Bobb

Youth Chorale


Unity Choir 

President: Mrs. Beverly Bobb

Sounds of Gospel

President: Qiana Phillips

The music ministry at The Greater Solid Rock Baptist Church believes that music is one of the most vital aspects of our Worship Celebration.  Emphasis is placed on the singing of genuine praises to the Lord.  We proudly incorporate the legacy of our black music heritage in all of our choirs and church musical activities.  We are blessed to have as part of our music ministry the multi-talented and inspirational Gospel Generation Adult Choir, the Youth Chorale, the Sounds of Gospel, and the Unity Choir (All musical groups combined). Our music ministry is based on Psalm 150 and we believe in giving God total praise as we minister in music to the spiritual needs of the people of God.

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